Arambol Beach Goa

Arambol Beach Goa

Beach is famous by name of fisherman village and lies at border of Maharashtra. Place has become a bit famous in couple of year due to goan tradition and clear beach. Place does not have much of developed surroundings.
Arambol beach Goa has small guesthouse near by and no big hotels or hospitality chains.

arambol beach goa
Beach has one shopping street as well which is famous for common handicrafts, restaurants etc.
Place is famous among western tourist as they arrive here for relaxation, yoga, musical nights and what not.
Arambol beach has some beautiful cliffs with reddish lawa rocks and mountain landscape starting just near to sea coast.
Beach also has sweet water lake just 10 minutes walk from beach . one finds lots of local tourist comming to this lake for bath and evening relaxation.

Location : Arambol beac comes in Pernem taluka of upper North Goa. Place is almost 40 km from Panjim (Panaji).

Climatic condition
Temprature : Temprature of beach and near by places lies between 34 degree Cent. to 23 degree cent

Local Culture
Beach has majority relegion as hindi and few with christian faith. Most people in area are fisherman and apart from that spend there time in sports like cricket and footbal

Beach is famous for Festival in which fisherman performs tribal dance and juggling convention. It happens in late January or first week of february.

Conclusion : Arambol beach Goa is clean beach away from city , famous for fisherman village and sweet water lake near beach. It is important part of Goa Tourism as it lies at border of Maharashtra and one can enjoy this beach in Goa Tour Package.

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