Jet Scooter Goa

Jet Scooter Goa

There are a lot of water sports to be done but you should try the jet scooter. A Jet Scooter Goa can be accommodated 2 person at a time. Ride it once and dash through speedy and strong sea waves. If you are a experienced or a beginner this adventure sport will be enjoyed by you.

It’s time limit is not more but its experience is worth -it and stays with you for a long time. As the speed of the waves is high and the Jet Scooter speed can also be done fast by this you can feel the waves hitting your face. You have to wear the life jacket when you ride the Jet Scooter Goa.

You have to decide the scooter speed as you are on the scooter. When you are on the scooter clip the shut – off clip. Your waist so that if you lose your balance and fall into the water. By that time it will trigger the engine to shut-off. It is best to be prepared to be from the start.

The most important thing is to take your time learn. It up you don’t have to rush into jumping waves and hairpin turns. Just learn it up move it and how much throttle you need just be safe and don’t speed up too much.

In a high traffic area of a sea as it can turn from fun to danger as if you don’t know how to swim & get on the scooter back to be safe if you are a new rider so take advantage of the tips as well as learn and the best thing you can do as a new rider.By the age of 12 you can ride the jet scooter.

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Jet scooter water sport activity is done in Mumbai, Pune and Goa also. The starting price of Jet Scooter ride is Rs.200 or it can be less than this according the area.

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