Rameshwaram tour package – Rameshwaram island

Rameshwaram tour package

Ramanathaswamy Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to the God Shiva located on Rameshwaram island in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Rameshwaram tour package or the trip to Ramanathaswamy Temple is the most historic landmark of the town located in the centre of town.
Ramanathaswamy Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to the God Shiva.The temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines, where Shiva is in the form of a Jyotirlinga meaning “pillar of light”.Rameshwaram tour package India.The temple was the longest corridor among all Hindu temples in India.Many people come for Rameshwaram tour package and visit this temples. The breadth of this columned corridor varies from 17 to 21 feet with no waves.

At all the sea waves rise to a maximum height of 3cm(0.10ft) and the view looks like the big river. Rameshwaram Island was better known by the name “Gandhamadhanam” before the arrival of lord Rama. It is also believed that in these days, there already existed a temple of lord Shiva.

Rameshwaram is one of the charm dhams according to Hindu religion.Rameshwaram is a town and a second-grade municipality in the Ramanathapuram district in the south India state Tamil Nadu. it is located on pamban island separated from mainland India by the pamban channel and is about 50km from Munnar island, Sri Lanka.It is said that this is the place from where the Hindu god Rama built a bridge across the sea to Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from her abductor Ravana.

The Ramanathaswamy Temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, is located in the centre of the town and is closely associated with Rama Swamy. The temple, along with the town, is considered a holy pilgrimage site for bothShaivas and Vaishnavas.Rameshwaram Temple is one of the famous Hindu Temple, dedicated to God Shiva located as Rameshwaram island in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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