Shimla Weather

Shimla Weather

Shimla has subtropical highland climate. The weather is Shimla is cool during winters and moderately warm during summer. Temperature range from -4°c To 31°c over the year. During summer is between 19°c and 28°c and between -1°c and 10°c in winter.

Monthly atmosphere between 15 millimeter in November and 434 millimeter in August. It is typically around 45 millimeter per month during winters and spring, and around 175 millimeter in June as the monsoon arrives. The average total annual atmosphere is 1575 millimeters which is less than other hill station but much heavier on the plains.

Snowfall in Shimla has taken place in the December month, January, February month also. The maximum snowfall received in recent time is 386 centimeters. In the town received 636 centimeters of snow. Shimla is built on Seven hills. The highest point in Shimla is the Jakhoo Hill.

Environmental degradation is due to the increase of tourists every year. There are a lot of temples and number of natural beauty in the city which attracts a large number of tourists. Shimla has the largest natural ice skating rink. The ice skating season begins in December and goes till the end of February. Shimla can be visited at any time in 12 months.

Conclusion : For best experience in Shimla, Visit in winters. Enjoy Shimla Weather with Shimla tour Package

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