Siridao Beach Goa

Siridao Beach Goa

The Zuari estuary Goa, Siridao Beach Goa is situated at a shell collector’s heaven of oyster and pearl shells. The beach is rocky and sandy on which you can see mysterious caves important Goa Tourism.

Jesus of Nazareth Chapel is situated on the beach where many devotees come on the feast which is held on first week of Easter.

It is located at a distance of 7 Km from Panaji. There are not so many hotels near Siridao Beach Goa to choose, except for some small shacks. The local visitor visit the beach in the evening or weekends. To visit this beach tourist usually use bike to visit this beach. You can visit the village near beach. In these beaches at the entrance you can see three tones carved statues playing musical instruments with a dog.

There you can do water sports activities. It’s the perfect beach for those who are explorers at heart, in the surroundings beckon to come and check it out . There is the story about the beach that the priest who went missing inn the church, he is assumed to have been sucked into the hollow walls of the church.

You can enjoy doing fishing on the this beach beach and can also visit any time during the year.

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